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Monday, September 29, 2008

you know honey, this is not called summer

so, this afternoon, when i was at my boyfriends house, he asked me to go to the beach next saturday or sunday. so my immediate -and healthy- response was to notice the fact that we have left summer far behind already. none the less: of course i'm going with him!
but now thinking about it, going to the beach with windy cold weather has its charm -you know, like slight imperfection- and i am looking forward to it even more.

i kind of want to go for the "i'm-walking-around-in-barely-nothing-but-of-course-i'm-not-cold-look" in a flowy pale coloured top and soft short pants and beachy hair on which salty water has worked its magic (because that looks so awfully fashionable, cute undsoweiter, enzovoort.)

so now i'm kind of dreading the cold and planning on packing additional cardigans and/or jackets, but this sudden action is just one of the things that make me love him so dearly,
x N.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i like you, hat

something for you folks in holland to try:
Starbucks Substitude
i came up with this myself, since i love starbucks pretty much to death and the only starbuckses in holland are two at schiphol airport and one in at the nike company -only for people who work there-
since i heard starbucks in america wasn't doing so well, i bet if i lived there their problems would go away immediately.
but i had to come up with something so i bought all those instant-coffee products they had and just tried all sorts of stuff (milk, cinnamon, vannilla extract, even coconut)
but, i found my true love for mornings, afternoons, evenings and pretty much any other moment of the day in Caramel Latte -with the prescribed amount of water- and the rest of my life-size coffee mugs filled with plain milk.
all friends i have over and pour this coffee for almost immediately refer to the incredible taste of stabucks:
mission accomplished,
x N.

if you don't really know you're happy or not, just don't clap your hands

"Music is therapy for me." (Demi Lovato)

alphabeat - boyfriend usually this music to "happy" for me, but this does put a smile on your face
anouk - nobody's wife from our Dutch rock chick, really good for a little self confidence

emiliana torrini - sunny road i think this'll stay my all time favourite ('cause though i call them all time, i've already had a few more of those...)

"Never go cheap on your bed or your shoes."

so I didn't.. i got those Gucci's! so what they set me back a little big, it was very good for my downish mood. just need to fix my camera so i can post some pictures of outfits and so on -including my brand new loveable boots-

miu miu fall 06
if this doens't make you drewl, you must not have eyes

Retail Therapy: Life Lessons Learned While Shopping (Amanda Ford)

l'Officiel de Paris 1921/l'Officiel NL juni 2008

l'Officiel juni 2008, Bottega Veneta Dress

x N.
ps. tonight my friends are cheering me up by taking me to the "filmhuis" (no, i don't mean the cinema, but it's some bit smaller and more artsy and unknown movies)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a fast trip down memory lane

i don't think i ever rushed by the past this fast -that's why i'm back home posting already-. i'm a thinker, i think about everything, i think all day long.
which automatically means i think really slow -atleast about things that really matter, so school etc. rushes by whereas the past, the present & the future linger on-

i must say, this has been one of the craziest days in my life. somehow i dreaded the moment i had to speak up to Valerie and some other way there was nothing i wanted more at that exact same moment.

now i know i'm never going to this again. we both took turns trying to make conversation but this never really worked. our seperate, tiny conversations were shallow and our gazes empty. i don't know what to do, maybe she'll call again, maybe i feel i should, but i definitely know that she's never going to take up a spot in my life again.

there used to be this sort of magic between us, but this is all gone.

so i guess i can draw the conclusion, going away for indefinite time and even indefinite reasons always kills a friendship, nomatter how strong.

maybe i'll miss her now?

x N.
ps. i'm sure you do not want to hear about my weird experiences but the truth is, i just had to let it out and now i did... i kind of feel a little better i guess.

uncomfortable apart

i'm so very very excited and a little anxious all at the same time;
tomorrow i'm meeting up with an old friend -i guess you could say one of my best friends- who, due to social problems, had to move away. We saw eachother at a party, briefly talked and the next day she called me and said she'd wanted to invite me before but couldn't.
So, after school we're meeting up for a late lunch, my curiosity has been awakened...

• has anybody ever done something like this? -i know you don't have any inside information, but anything that seems similar-

so for now i'm meeting up with my stupid book i have to read for my stupid literature at my stupid school
x N.
btw... i think i'll do that in my bed together with my best childhood-friend -my cuddly bear- as i'm still ill from my ear infection :')

Monday, September 22, 2008

united we stand

crave or save?
x N.
ps. sorry for the crappy quality of the Gucci's... -not that it takes away any of its beauty-

Sunday, September 21, 2008


who is your favourite? i can't really figure out who's mine...

first up; Anne Marie van Dijk, from my little country!


Anastasia Khodina from Russia
x N.

and they call it...

one of the winter collections i absolutely adore is Gucci. usually this is not really my style, but i'm all about the bohemian-classy look.

the Gucci Hysteria Python Bag is definitely loveable and can be paired with anything -unfortunately it clashes with my bank account, but that doens't destroy my vivid daydreams of carrying this beautiful work of art down the street-
x N.
ps. more to come

Saturday, September 20, 2008

i'm no good: vol.1

i am so totally addicted to bags -and more-
these are just a few favourites.

- Guitar Bag by Hogan
- "I'm not a plastic bag" by Anya Hindmarch
...and an amazing brown leather bag, carried by Serena in GG's episode A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate

more addictions to come,
x N.

ps. must anybody know who designed this bag, please let me know

for the record... I didn't really kill someone


My name is Noah. i am 15 and live in Holland. in the lovely town of Dordrecht, quite near Rotterdam.
fashion is my absolute passion and i thought i wanted to share it with you guys.

I don't really have an inspiration on what to post, but by keeping up with other hip bloggers i think it will probably lead the way.

x N.'re gonna have to wait for major posts as i can't sit in front of the computer very long because of an infection to my earcanal -which is making me very ill-.