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Sunday, September 21, 2008

and they call it...

one of the winter collections i absolutely adore is Gucci. usually this is not really my style, but i'm all about the bohemian-classy look.

the Gucci Hysteria Python Bag is definitely loveable and can be paired with anything -unfortunately it clashes with my bank account, but that doens't destroy my vivid daydreams of carrying this beautiful work of art down the street-
x N.
ps. more to come


ooohmaureen said...

leuke blog heb je (ondanks dat er nog niet veel op staat) x

ryder said...

i like that bohemia look that gucci presents. totally different from tom ford's look but still. tom ford: what a genius.
i personaly think that eniko mihalik should get the hysteria ad camapign and not lily.