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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i like you, hat

something for you folks in holland to try:
Starbucks Substitude
i came up with this myself, since i love starbucks pretty much to death and the only starbuckses in holland are two at schiphol airport and one in at the nike company -only for people who work there-
since i heard starbucks in america wasn't doing so well, i bet if i lived there their problems would go away immediately.
but i had to come up with something so i bought all those instant-coffee products they had and just tried all sorts of stuff (milk, cinnamon, vannilla extract, even coconut)
but, i found my true love for mornings, afternoons, evenings and pretty much any other moment of the day in Caramel Latte -with the prescribed amount of water- and the rest of my life-size coffee mugs filled with plain milk.
all friends i have over and pour this coffee for almost immediately refer to the incredible taste of stabucks:
mission accomplished,
x N.

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ryder said...

is there and franchise that sells just tea, but all kinds of tea? im a tea person myself but i like the smell of coffee.