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Monday, September 29, 2008

you know honey, this is not called summer

so, this afternoon, when i was at my boyfriends house, he asked me to go to the beach next saturday or sunday. so my immediate -and healthy- response was to notice the fact that we have left summer far behind already. none the less: of course i'm going with him!
but now thinking about it, going to the beach with windy cold weather has its charm -you know, like slight imperfection- and i am looking forward to it even more.

i kind of want to go for the "i'm-walking-around-in-barely-nothing-but-of-course-i'm-not-cold-look" in a flowy pale coloured top and soft short pants and beachy hair on which salty water has worked its magic (because that looks so awfully fashionable, cute undsoweiter, enzovoort.)

so now i'm kind of dreading the cold and planning on packing additional cardigans and/or jackets, but this sudden action is just one of the things that make me love him so dearly,
x N.

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