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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

uncomfortable apart

i'm so very very excited and a little anxious all at the same time;
tomorrow i'm meeting up with an old friend -i guess you could say one of my best friends- who, due to social problems, had to move away. We saw eachother at a party, briefly talked and the next day she called me and said she'd wanted to invite me before but couldn't.
So, after school we're meeting up for a late lunch, my curiosity has been awakened...

• has anybody ever done something like this? -i know you don't have any inside information, but anything that seems similar-

so for now i'm meeting up with my stupid book i have to read for my stupid literature at my stupid school
x N.
btw... i think i'll do that in my bed together with my best childhood-friend -my cuddly bear- as i'm still ill from my ear infection :')

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