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Friday, October 10, 2008

when i grow up i want to be a ballerina

studiebeurs turned out to be not that boring after all. we did have quite a good impression about different options. mine are now -sort of- narrowed down:
- fashion designer/fashion business, and if i'd do so, i'd definitely go abroad because although Holland is putting itself out there when it comes to fashion, we're still very tiny in this universe. So my options for now would be either INSTITUTO MARANGONI, preferably in Milano or a school of arts in Colombus, America.
(any recommendations in this area?)
- or, something very different like Biomedical Sciences -don't know if it's an english word...- or i want to be a 'patholoog anatoom'. Don't know the english word, but this would be the one cutting people open after they've kind of died. I could be doing this in Rotterdam, Leiden or Amsterdam to my choice, but somehwere else (USF, UCLA, USC, etc.) wouldn't hurt me.

before i get caught up in all of this i still have quite some years ahead of me to think about what i want to do.

for all i know, i dó want my home to be similar to this:
a sort of lofty kind of penthouse with brick walls, a fireplace and an old oven in my kitchen. with lots of beautiful textures and comfy sofa's.

Girls, get inspired by Daria's home...

x N.
ps. cool pictures were taken @studiebeurs, still got to get a hold of them.

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