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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

yay and nay (or at least not so much)

today was rugby-day! you cannot believe what my o-so comfortable adidas sweatpants looked like...

lets say they morfed from this grayish colour to a somewhat brownish colour. Fingers crossed the washing machine gets this out

so when it comes to this blog's title:
i guess yay to e.g. pictures above and nay to anyone who tries to blend in with the hurd. There's something i really hate about people who are always doing this.
i must say that sometimes i catch myself redhanded -at least not sur le plan fashion- and it gets me awfully frustrated

what also gets me frustrated: cameras that somehow don't work -which won't be a problem if you don't lose 'em afterwards so you can't do anything but get a new one. That's why i have no pictures posted and my friends usb-cable for her camera (which appears not to be like any other of those cords) has also vanished from the face of the earth so now we're stuck with no pictures.
first thing planned for tomorrow: asking my boyfriends camera and not planning on giving it back any time soon so lots and lots of cool pictures can be taken.

x N.
ps. in case you're wondering...: No, i haven't caught up with my maths homework and most importantly, understanding the crap. However, i háve managed to escape my 'punishment' that consisted of banning from any social contact besides going to school. oh well, that was overreacting, but lets say it wasn't fun, but not to worry anymore!


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Mireia* said...

Love both outfits!