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Friday, October 24, 2008

in which noah lives a rainy day

oh yuck, just look outside... all that water!
and all this decibel from my neighbour-kid playing on his drums -which i'd approve of if he could júst make it sound like it was supposed to sound like this-

rain kind of gets me down, i'm having autumn break now. I've visited my aunt in Germany for a few days, very boring really since she doesn't live very near to a big city. i did buy a new iPod since my Touch was cracked and i bought an amazing 'dad's shirt' in white with amazing blue stripes.
i think i'll pair it with my brown 'gentlemen shoes', a thin brown leather waistbelt and some black shorts and tight. i can see myself roaming around it that alright...

so i think i'm going to spend my day very boringly: on my own, with my computer probably downloading a lot of music like i already have the past days. do you ever have those days on which you just prefer to be by yourself? i don't know, maybe i'm just crazy.
so over the last days i have downloaded a lot of music from Plain White T's. i already had some songs by them, but now i have a lot and... i like!
i have also downloaded like 30 songs from Keane, which i didn't really have a thing for at first, but i absolutely love it now, so they have been playing my iTunes all morning already.
also, my friend Sophie told me to download music from Jack Johnson. i kind of only knew this song Sitting, Waiting, Wishing, which i kind of liked. I haven't listened to any other of this songs -i've got 42 now- but i will soon. If there's anything noticable i will let you know.
x N.

ps. i'm sorry i haven't posted lately. My aunt didn't have internet 'cause it got stuck or something, so i have been excluded from the outside-world. and for now i don't really feel like browsing the entire internet looking for nice pictures/pieces of clothing/things to write about.
pps. check out the MUSIC FOR MY VICTIMS (>>>) column. it has one of Keane's many great songs, Again&Again.
ppps. -this is the last one- does anybody know how to put a musicvideo directly on your blog without having to direct someone to youtube or anything like that.

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