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Saturday, October 4, 2008

back already

ok, well... i'm back. this is too much fun and somehow i seem to have some spare time already carefully put aside when i plan my entire day. somehow this is one of those moments i don't have to do anything -well, homework is always an option, but an option that is eliminated until the last possible minute-

yesterday (when i seemed to have time to do anything i wanted to, because it was friday) i went to Rotterdam.

at the Bijenkorf they had the 'Drie Dwaze Dagen'* where they say they have many things for less money. But, somehow they got me fooled because most of it was still for the normal price. Anyhow i bought very cute gloves-without-fingers, -i don't know what you call those in English, but they're called wanten in Dutch- by 55DSL. and a really fun wintercoat by MbyM, a Danish brand i had heard of before but had never seen anywhere, until i ran into this coat at Shopper.

x N.
ps. going away until sunday evening, see y'all!

*it means Three Crazy Days!


fashionista said...

You know what, you're right about the Alaias.
Those are amazing.
I guess I was just picturing them on myself...who could never pull such a thing off.

Mimi said...

very special and nice coat.